Unit 6 - Micro

(Market Failures and the Role of Government)


Socially Efficient and Inefficient Market Outcomes (6.1)

Externalities (6.2)

D7.1 Exter - An Intro-movie.mp4
7.3 Ext Pt 3 (Positive from Consumption).mp4
7.1 Ext Pt 1 (Negative from Production).mp4
7.4 Ext Pt 4 (Positive from Production).mp4
7.2 Ext Pt 2 (Negative from Consumption).mp4
5)Neg Prod Ext w/ Intervention(Table).MP4

Public and Private Goods (6.3)

D9.1 Public Good (Ex)-movie.mp4
D9.2 Types of Goods-movies.mp4
D9.3 Merit Goods-movie.mp4

The Effects of Government Intervention in Different Mkt Structures (6.4)

1.6 Perfect Competition with Per Unit Taxes.mp4
2.10 Monopoly Pt 10 Price Ceiling = Price Opt.mp4
2.8 Monopoly Pt 8 Per Unit Taxes.mp4
2.9 Monopoly Pt 9 Price Ceilings.mp4

Infographic (Filled IN)

Infographic - Negative Exterrnalities Part 1.pdf
Negative Externalities (Part 1)
Infographic - Neg Ext P2.pdf
Negative Externalities (Part 2)
Infographic - Positive Exterrnalities.pdf
Positive Externalities
Infographic - Welfare Analysis Basics (MSB_MSC).pdf
Social Efficient & Inefficient Market Outcomes