Unit 6 - Micro

(Market Failures and the Role of Government)


Socially Efficient and Inefficient Market Outcomes (6.1)

Externalities (6.2)

Externalities: An Introduction

Externalities: Negative Externality from Consumption

Externalities (Part 2): Neg. Externalities from Production

Externalities: Positive Externality from Consumption

Externalities : Neg. Production Ext. w/ Intervention
Positive Externality from Production

Public and Private Goods (6.3)

Public Goods - Another Market Failure
Types of Public Goods
Merit Goods - Another Market Failure

The Effects of Government Intervention in Different Mkt Structures (6.4)

Perfect Competition and Per-Unit Taxes
Monopolies and Price Ceilings (Pc = Popt)
Monopoly and Per-Unit Taxes
Monopolies and Price Ceilings (a tabular approach)

Infographic (Filled IN)