About Us


To provide a high quality educational platform focused on teaching the principles of economics (i.e., foundational concepts) to the masses.


For students everywhere to deeply understand the concepts, theories, and models associated with a foundational college economics course.    


We value conceptual understanding and believe that memorization is rarely (if ever) needed.  Conceptual learning is enduring learning which allows for students to apply their knowledge to novel situations.  Memorization is a shortcut which dissipates with time and often leads to incorrect application of concepts and theories - both in the short-run and long-run.  

Where do I start?  You can start anywhere! You can jump into our online curriculum wherever you like. Our site attempts to be a comprehensive coverage of the curriculums taught in most first year college courses.  However, if it is your first time learning economics, start from the beginning (Micro - Part 1).  By moving through the site unit-by-unit you will gain the conceptual understanding needed to master all the content on the site.  

Who are we?  Econbusters!  What is an econbuster?  Someone who desires to unearth all the "whys" of the traditional foundational courses of economics.  Econbusters believe, at the foundational level, economics is a combination of applied math and logical problem solving.  In other words, it is a body of knowledge to be understood, not memorized.

No, really, who are y'all?  Three students and a teacher.  See below...  

Kartik Nagpal

Student at the University of Texas

Majors:  Computational Engineering, Mathematics, and Economics

Phoenix Wang

Student at the University of Texas

Majors:  Business, Plan II, and Economics

Surya Gangavarapu

Student at the Vanderbilt University

Majors:  Neuroscience and Economics

Mr. Bill Blaine

Instructor:  Westwood High School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Summer Program)