Unit 2 - Macro

(Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle)

Unit 2

(In a nutshell)

Infographic - Unit 2.pdf


Unit 2

(In a nutshell)

The Circular-Flow & GDP: (2.1)

Circular Flow and GDP
Extended Circular Flow
GDP: What's In? What's Not?

Real vs. Nominal GDP: (2.6)

Real vs Nominal Data
Big Picture Macro Part 3 - RGDPmovie2.mp4
Real vs Nominal: From the archives

Limitations of GDP: (2.2)

The Limits of GDP in Measuring of Standard of Living
Big Picture Macro - GDPmoviev2.mp4
Big Picture Lecture: GDP

Unemployment: (2.3)

Unemployment & Labor Force Participation Rate
Types of Unemployment

Price Indices & Inflation: (2.4)

Price Indices and Inflation

Cost of Inflation: (2.5)

The Major Cost of inflation
Who is hurt/helped by unanticipated inflation
Unanticipated Inflation: Borrower/Lender Issue

The Business Cycle:(2.7)

The Business Cycle: How Economies Grow Over Time

Infographic (Slot Notes)

Infographic - The Circular Flow - Slot Notes.pdf
Circular Flow Model - Slot Notes
Infographic - GDP - slot notes.pdf
Gross Domestic Product - Slot Notes
Infographic - Unemployment(part1)-Slot Note.pdf
Unemployment Rate (Part 1) - Slot Notes
Infographic - Unemployment2(part2) - Slot Notes.pdf
Unemployment Rate (Part 2) - Slot Notes
Infographic - Inflation - Slot Notes.pdf
Inflation - Slot Notes
Infographic - Price Indices - Slot Notes.pdf
Price Indices - Slot Notes

Infographic (Filled In)

Everything you need to know about a concept

Infographic - The Circular Flow Model.pdf
Circular Flow Model - Extended Version
Infographic - Inflation.pdf
Inflation and its Costs
Infographic - GDP.pdf
GDP - What's In, What's Out
Infographic - Price Indices.pdf
Price Indices
Infographic - Unemployment(part1).pdf
Unemployment (Par 1)
Infographic - Unemployment(part2).pdf
Unemployment (Par 2)

KGFs (Questions Only)

KGF 1 (Unit 2): Questions Only
KGF 2 (Unit 2): Questions Only
KGF 3 (Unit 2): Questions Only
KGF 4 (Unit 2): Questions Only

KGFs (Questions & ANSWERS)

KGF 1 (Unit 2): Questions & Answers
KGF 2 (Unit 2): Questions & Answers

Annotated Version of the notes

GDP (Parts 1, 2, 3)
Unemployment (Part 1)
Inflation and Its Costs
T6_Putting It Together.pdf
Putting It All Together