Unit 2 - Macro

(Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle)

Unit 2

(Proficiency Scales)

Proficiency Scales - Unit 2v2.pdf

Only the first three columns are part of College Board's Unit 2.  The last two columns are part of the College Board's Unit 3.

Concept Videos

Unit Introduction

An Introduction to Macroeconomics

The Circular-Flow & GDP:  (2.1)

GDP: The Expenditure Approach
Circular Flow and GDP
Calculating GDP:  Exp, Income, and Value-Add
Extended Circular Flow
GDP: What's In? What's Not?

Real vs. Nominal GDP: (2.6)

Nominal & Real Data (2023)

Real vs Nominal Data
Big Picture Macro Part 3 - RGDPmovie2.mp4
Real vs Nominal:  From the archives

Limitations of GDP:  (2.2)

The Limits of GDP in Measuring of Standard of Living
In Defense of GDP
Big Picture Macro - GDPmoviev2.mp4
Big Picture Lecture: GDP

Unemployment: (2.3)

Why the Unemployment Rate Can Be Misleading
Unemployment & Labor Force Participation Rate
Types of Unemployment

Price Indices & Inflation:  (2.4)

Price Indices and Inflation

Cost of Inflation: (2.5)

Unit of Account Costs: Big Picture
The Major Cost of inflation
Who is hurt/helped by unanticipated inflation
Unanticipated Inflation: Borrower/Lender Issue

The Business Cycle:(2.7)

The Business Cycle: How Economies Grow Over Time
This is very similar to the one to the right. 

Infographic (Slot Notes - Answers On 2nd Page)

Infographic - Macroeconomics Intro - Slot Notes.pdf
An Introduction to Macroeconomics (Important)
Infographic - The Circular Flow - Slot Notes.pdf
Circular Flow Model - Slot Notes
Infographic - GDP - slot notes.pdf
Gross Domestic Product - Slot Notes
Infographic - Unemployment(part1)-Slot Note.pdf
Unemployment Rate (Part 1) - Slot Notes
Infographic - Unemployment2(part2) - Slot Notes.pdf
Unemployment Rate (Part 2) - Slot Notes
Infographic - Inflation - Slot Notes.pdf
Inflation - Slot Notes
Infographic - Price Indices - Slot Notes.pdf
Price Indices - Slot Notes

Infographic (Filled In)

Everything you need to know about a concept

Infographic - Macroeconomics Intro.pdf
An Introduction to Macroeconomics (Important)
Infographic - The Circular Flow-v2.pdf
Circular Flow Model - Extended Version
Infographic - GDP.pdf
GDP - What's In, What's Out
Infographic - Unemployment(part1).pdf
Unemployment (Par 1)
Infographic - Unemployment(part2)Okun.pdf
Unemployment (Part 2)
Infographic - Inflation.pdf
Inflation and its Costs
Infographic - Price Indices.pdf
Price Indices

KGFs (Questions Only)

KGF 1 (Unit 2):  Questions Only
KGF 2 (Unit 2):  Questions Only
KGF 3 (Unit 2):  Questions Only
KGF 4 (Unit 2):  Questions Only

Annotated Version of the notes

GDP (Parts 1, 2, 3)
Unemployment (Part 1)
Inflation and Its Costs
T6_Putting It Together(annotated-typed).pdf
Putting It All Together