Unit 1 - Macro

(Basic Economic Concepts)

Unit 1

(In a nutshell)

Infographic - Unit 1.pdf




Scarcity: The Fundamental Economic Problem

Opportunity Costs:


Opportunity Costs (Part 1)
Opportunity Costs (Part 2)
Opportunity Cost: One More Time

The Production Possibilities Curve


The Production Possibilities Curve

Comparative Advantage: (1.3)

Comparative Advantage: Part 1
Comparative Advantage: Part 2
Comparative Advantage: Part 3
Comparative Advantage: An Input Problem

Demand (1.4)

Demand vs. Quantity Demanded
Demand and Its 3 Manifestations
What Shifts the Demand Curve?
The Demand Curve is the Marginal Benefit Curve

Supply (1.5)

Supply vs. Quantity Supplied
What Shifts the Supply Curve
The Supply Curve is the MC Curve

Market Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and Changes in Equilibrium: (1.6)

3.1 Market Equilibrium.mp4
Market Equilibrium: An Introduction
3.3.2 S and D Comp Stat Part 1.mp4
Market Equilibrium: Market Changes (Part 1)
3.4 Two Curves Shifting.mp4
Market Equilibrium: Two Curves Shifting
3.2 Exogenous Variable Changes.mp4
Market Equilibrium: Curves Shifting
3.3.3 S and D Comp Stat Part 2.mp4
Market Equilibrium: Market Changes (Part 2)
3.3.1 Demand vs Qd and Supply vs Qs.mp4
Demand Driven Events and Supply Driven Events
3.3.4 Comparative Statistics/Partial General Equilibrium Analysis (Market Changes in Complements & Substitutes) (impact on related markets).mp4
Market Equilibrium: Related Markets

AnnotateD version of the notes

T1_Thinking Like An Economist-annotated(2020).pdf
Scarcity and Opportunity Costs
T2_Macroeconomics & Business Cycle(2020).pdf
Intro to Macroeconomics: The Business Cycle
T3_PPC(2020) - Annotated.pdf
The Production Possibilities Curve
T3_Comp_Adv(2020) (annotated).pdf
The Basics of Trade: Comparative Advantage
Markets: Finding Equilibrium
Markets: Supply
Markets: Finding Equilibrium

Infographic (Slot Notes)

Infographic - Opp Cost (Slot-notes).pdf
Opportunity Cost - Slot Note
Infographic - Qd vs Demand Slot Notes.pdf
Demand vs. Quantity Demanded - Slot Note
Infographic - The Business Cycle (Slot Note).pdf
The Business Cycle
Infographic - S&D the Basics - Slot Notes.pdf
Determinants of Supply & Demand - Slot Note
Infographic - PPC Slot Notes.pdf
Production Possibilities Frontier - Slot Note
Infographic - Changes in Mkt Equil - Slot Notes.pdf
Changes in Equilibrium - Slot Notes
Infographic - Comp Adv Slot Notes.pdf
Comparative Advantage - Slot Note

Infographic (Filled In)

Everything you need to know about a concept

Infographic - Opportunity Cost.pdf
Opportunity Costs
Infographic - The Business Cycle.pdf
The Business Cycle
Infographic - Production Possibility Frontier.pdf
The Production Possibilities Curve
Infographic - Comparative Advantage.pdf
Trade & Comparative Advantage
Infographic - Qd versus Demand.pdf
Demand versus Quantity Demanded
Infographic - Supply and Demand - The Basics.pdf
Supply & Demand (The Basics)
Infographic - Changes in Market Equilibrium.pdf
Changes in Market Equilibrium

Extra Infographics...

Infographic - Supply is the MC Curve.pdf
The Marginal Cost Curve is the Supply Curve
Infographic - Market Changes.pdf
Market Changes - In Detail
Infographic - Changes in Supply and Demand.pdf
Demand vs Qd: Why It's Important

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