Unit 1 - Macro

(Basic Economic Concepts)

Unit 1

(In a nutshell)

Infographic - Unit 1.pdf




1.1 Scarcity-movie.mp4

Opportunity Costs:


1.1.1 Opportunity Cost Part 1.mp4
1.1.2 Opportunity Cost Part 2.mp4

The Production Possibilities Curve


PPF (Part 1).mp4
PPF (part 2).mp4

Comparative Advantage: (1.3)

Comparative Adv (part 1).mp4
Comparative Adv (part 2).mp4
Comparative Adv (Part 3).mp4
Comparative Adv (Input Problem).mp4

Demand: (1.4)

Infographics: Demand vs. Q Demanded

Supply: (1.5)

Market Equilibrium, Disequilibrium, and Changes in Equilibrium: (1.6)

Infographic (Slot Notes)

Infographic - Opp Cost (Slot-notes).pdf
Opportunity Cost - Slot Note
Infographic - S&D the Basics - Slot Notes.pdf
Determinants of Supply & Demand - Slot Note
Infographic - PPC Slot Notes.pdf
Production Possibilities Frontier - Slot Note
Infographic - Changes in Mkt Equil - Slot Notes.pdf
Changes in Equilibrium - Slot Notes
Infographic - Comp Adv Slot Notes.pdf
Comparative Advantage - Slot Note
Infographic - Qd vs Demand Slot Notes.pdf
Demand vs. Quantity Demanded - Slot Note

Infographic (Filled In)

Everything you need to know about a concept

Infographic - Opportunity Cost.pdf
Opportunity Cost - ANSWERS
Infographic - Comparative Advantage.pdf
Comparative Advantage - ANSWERS
Infographic - Circular Flow Model.pdf
Big Picture: The Macro Economy - EXTRA
Infographic - Qd versus Demand.pdf
Demand vs. Quantity Demanded - ANSWERS
Infographic - The Business Cycle.pdf
The Business Cycle - ANSWERS
Infographic - Supply and Demand - The Basics.pdf
Supply & Demand: The Basics - ANSWERS
Infographic - Production Possibility Frontier.pdf
The Production Possibilities Curve - ANSWERS

Annotated Notes

T1_Thinking Like An Economist-annotated(2020).pdf
T2_Macroeconomics & Business Cycle(2020)-annotated.pdf
T2_S_D_handout(Part 2).pdf
T3_PPC(2020)-Class Notes.pdf
T3_Comp_Adv(2020) (annotated).pdf

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