Unit 3 - Macro

(National Income and Price Determination)

Unit 3

(In a nutshell)

Infographic - Unit 3.pdf


Unit 3 Overview

Unit 3 Overview.mp4

The Consumption Function:

Cons Funct (Part1).mp4
Cons Funct (Part2).mp4

Multipliers: (3.2)

Velocity of Money.mp4
Multipliers (Part 1).mp4
Tax Multiplier.mp4

Investment Demand:

Investment (Part 1).mp4
Investment (part 2).mp4
Investment (part 3).mp4

The AD Curve: (3.1)

Extra AS Infographic:

SRAS and Defining Terms

AS-AD (Part 1 - Intro).mp4
AS-AD (Part 2 - AD_1).mp4
AS-AD (Part 3 - AD_2).mp4

The SRAS/LRAS Curves: (3.3/3.4)

AS-AD (Part 4 - AS_1).mp4
Why SRAS is upward sloping
AS-AD (Part 5 - AS_2).mp4
The difference between the SRAS and LRAS
AS-AD (Part 6 - AS_3).mp4
What shifts the SRAS curve
AS-AD (Part 7 - AS_4).mp4
Where the LRAS is anchored

Equilibrium in the AD/AS Model: (3.5/3.6)

AS-AD (Part 8).mp4
Oh no! A negative demand shock!
AS-AD (Part 9).mp4
Returning to the LRAS
AS-AD (Part 10).mp4
Wages shift what?!?!?

Long-Run Self Adjustment: (3.7)

AS-AD (Part 11).mp4

Fiscal Policy (3.8)

Fiscal Policy (Take 1)-movie.mp4

Automatic Stabilizers


Automatic Stabilizers-movie.mp4

Annotated Notes

T6_Consumption and Investment (Unit3-D1).pdf
Day 1
T10 - AS-AD Model (Part 3) Annotated.pdf
Day 5
T6_C, I, and AD(annotated).pdf
Day 2
T11 - Fiscal Policy and AS-AD Model (Annotated) (New).pdf
Day 6
T9-Agg Demand & Agg Supply (Annotated).pdf
Day 3
T9-Agg Demand & Agg Supply (part 2) (Annotated).pdf
Day 4

Recordings Of Synch Blocks

AS/AD Model - Part 3 (Module 19)
Class - AS/AD Model (Part 3)
The AS-AD Model - Applications (2021-03-12)
Class - AS/AD Model Applications (Part 4)
Unit 3 Review (Spending Mult_AS-AD_Fiscal Policy)
Class - Last Day (Unit Review)

Infographic (Slot Notes)

Infographic1 - MPC & Multiplier - Slot Notes.pdf
Marginal Propensity to Consume - Slot Notes
Infographic7 - Fiscal Policy (slot notes).pdf
Fiscal Policy - Slot Note
Infographic3 - The AD Curve (Slot Notes).pdf
Aggregate Demand - Slot Note
Infographic6 - SR and LR Equil (Slot Note).pdf
AS/AD Model - The SR and LR - Slot Note
Infographic4 - The AS Curve (slot notes).pdf
Aggregate Supply - Slot Note
Infographic5 - AS-AD-Shocks Happen (Slot Note).pdf
AS/AD Model: Shocks Happen - Slot Note

Infographic (Filled In)

Everything you need to know about a concept

Infographic1 - MPC and the Spending Multiplierv2.pdf
The MPC and the Spending Multiplier
Infographic2 - Investment Visual (Updated).pdf
Private Investment (Business Investment)
Infographic3 - Aggregate Demand Curve (ie the Total Spending Curve).pdf
Aggregate Demand
Infographic4 - The AS Curve.pdf
Aggregate Supply
Infographic - SRAS Defining Terms.pdf
SRAS - Defining Terms
Infographic5 - The AS AD Model (Shocks Happen).pdf
Shocks Happen
Infographic6 - SR and LR Equilibrium.pdf
Negative Demand Shocks - The Short & Long Run
Infographic7 - Fiscal Policy.pdf
Fiscal Policy

KGFs (Questions ONly)

KGF1 - Questions only.pdf
KGF2 - Questions Only.pdf
KGF3 - Questions Only.pdf
KGF4 - Questions.pdf
KGF5 - Questions.pdf