Unit 2 (Part 2) - Micro

(Supply and Demand: Government Intervention)


Price Ceilings and Price Floors (2.8.1)

Price Ceilings - Embracing the Complexities
Binding Price Ceilings
Binding Price Floors: Welfare Analysis
Binding Price Floors
Binding Price Ceilings: Welfare Analysis

Taxes and Subsidies (2.8.2)

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The Difference Between the Burden (or incidence) of a Per-Unit Tax and Its Impact on Surpluses
Don't Double Count the Per-Unit Tax

Taxes and Subsidies (2.8.2)


Per-Unit Taxes
Trying to Pass the Burden Through to the Consumer
Tax Incidence: On Whom Does the Burden of a Tax Fall
Per-Unit Taxes: The Welfare Analysis
Tax Incidence: Part 2

Taxes and Subsidies continued (2.8.2)


Per-Unit Subsidies
Benefits of the Subsidy Pt 3(T4).MP4
Who Gets the Benefits of a Subsidy: Part 3
Who Gets the Benefits of a Subs.: Demander or Supplier
Welfare Analysis: Per-Unit Subsidy
Who Gets the Benefits of a Subsidy: Part 2
The Difference Between the Benefits of a Per-Unit Subsidy and Its Impact on Surpluses

Welfare Analysis: An Introduction 

The most important concept to understand to master welfare analysis - THINK VERTICALLY.

Welfare Analysis: Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Thinking Vertically  

Welfare Analysis - Think Vertically (Part 1)
Welfare Analysis: Consumer Surplus
Welfare Analysis - Think Vertically (Part 2)
Welfare Analysis: Producer Surplus
An Introduction to Marginal Analysis
Welfare Analysis:  Market Surplus

International Trade and Public Policy (2.8.3)

Int'l Trade - Part 1 (Block 3)
International Trade - Part 1 (Block 3)
Int'l Trade - Part 2 (2021-03-09 at 09 19 GMT-8)
International Trade - Part 2 (Block 3)
Int'l Trade - Part 3 (Block 3)
International Trade - Part 3 (Block 3)
Int'l Trade - Part 4 (2021-03-22 at 11 45 GMT-7)
International Trade - Part 4 (Block 3)
Int'l Trade - Part 5 (Arg for-against prot)
International Trade - Part 5 (Block 2)
Int'l Trade - Part 6 (1st Block)
International Trade - Part 6 (Block 1)

Infographic (Slot NOtes)

Infographic - Price Ceilings - Slot Note.pdf
Price Ceilings - Slot Notes
Infographic - Per-Unit Taxes - Slot Notes.pdf
Per-Unit Taxes - Slot Notes
Infographic - Per-Unit Subsidies - slot notes.pdf
Per-Unit Subsidies- Slot Notes

Infographic (Filled IN)