Unit 1 - Micro

(Basic Economic Concepts)


Scarcity: (1.1)

1.1 Scarcity-movie.mp4

Resource Allocation and Economic Systems: (1.2)

1.2 Econ Syst-movie.mp4

The Production Possibilities Curve: (1.3)

PPF (Part 1).mp4
PPF (part 2).mp4

Comparative Advantage: (1.4)

Comparative Adv (part 1).mp4
Comparative Adv (part 2).mp4
Comparative Adv (Part 3).mp4
Comparative Adv (Input Problem).mp4

Cost-Benefit Analysis: (1.5)

1.1.1 Opportunity Cost Part 1.mp4
1.1.2 Opportunity Cost Part 2.mp4

Marginal Analysis and Consumer Choice: (1.6)

Consumer Theory Part 1.mp4
Consumer Theory Part 2.mp4

Infographic (Slot Notes)

Infographic - Opp Cost (Slot-notes).pdf
Opportunity Cost - Slot Note
Infographic - PPC Slot Notes.pdf
Production Possibilities Frontier - Slot Note
Infographic - Comp Adv Slot Notes.pdf
Comparative Advantage - Slot Note
Infographic - Marginal Analysis (part 1) - slot notes.pdf
Marginal Analysis (Part 1) - Slot Note
Infographic - Marginal Analysis (part 2) - slot notes.pdf
Marginal Analysis (Part 2) - Slot Note

Infographic (Answered) + Additional INfographics