Unit 4 - Micro

(Imperfect Competition)

Concept Videos

Intro to Imperfect Competition:  (4.1)

Demand and the Marginal Revenue Curve
Market Power: Graphical Foundations

Monopolies (4.2)

Monopoly Making Profit
Monopoly Incurring Losses
Monopoly: Welfare Analysis

The Big 3, 4, and 5 Curves of Theory of the Firm

Big Picture

Monopolies & Price Ceilings  (4.2)

Price Ceiling (Table)
Price Ceilings (Graph)

Imperfect Competition:  Perfect Price Discrimination:   (4.3)

Perfect Price Discrimination: Table
Perfect Price Discrimination: Graphed

Monopolies vs. Monopolistic Competition:  (4.4)

Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition (The Differences)

Oligopoly & Game Theory:  (4.5)

Seeing the World Through Other's Eyes
Nash Equilibrium
Game Theory: Application 3
Players, Strategies, and Payoffs
Game Theory: Application 1
Dominant Strategy
Game Theory: Application 2

Infographics (Slot Notes)

Infographic - Monopolist (Slot Notes).pdf

Infographics (Filled In and Additional)

Infographic - Game Theory - An Introduction(P1).pdf
Game Theory: An Introduction (Prisoners Dilemma)
Infographic - Game Theory - Oligopolies(P2).pdf
Game Theory:  Oligopolies

Synchronous Blocks

Synchronous Blocks:

Market Power

Market Power (part 1) block 6
Market Power (Part 1)
Market Power (Part 4)
Market Power (Part 4)
Market Power (Part 2) Block 1
Market Power (Part 2)
Market Power (Part 3) 5-4-2021
Market Power (Part 3)

Synchronous Blocks:

Game Theory

Game Theory
Game Theory (Oligopoly and Interdependence)