Unit 5 - Micro

(Factor Markets)

Synchronous Blocks

Factor Markets:

Mkt Power (P4) - Factor Mkt (Part 1)
Market Power (P4) - Factor Markets (Part 1)
Factor Markets (Part 2) Block 3
Factor Markets (Part 3)

Concept Videos

Introduction to Factor Markets: (5.1)

1)Factor Markets Pt 1: Basics(TotF).MP4

Changes in Factor Demand and Supply: (5.2)

5)Factor Markets: Marginal Analysis(TotF).MP4

Perfectly Competitive Factor Markets: (5.3)

2)Factor Markets: Perfect Competition(T1).MP4

Monopsonistic Markets: (5.4)

3)Factor Markets: Monopsony(TotF).MP4
4)Factor Markets: Monopsony: Min Wage(TotF).MP4

End of the Curriculum Infographics:

A Couple of Bonus Videos:

MVI_0583 3 Types of Curves in Micro v1.MP4
3 Types of Curves in Micro (version1)
MVI_0586 3 Types of Curves in Micro v2.MP4

3 Types of Curves in Micro (version2)

Infographic (Filled IN)

Infographic - Factor Market.pdf
Factor Markets
Infographic - Marginal Analysis - Micro Applications(P2).pdf
Marginal Analysis (with a factor market application)
Infographic - Micro Curves (functions).pdf
Micro Curves (with a factor market application)